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Herr D

mmm–this is an old format that I’m used to, putting the chart to the left and a ‘text box’ to the right.
It dates back to DOS and the old BBS system (pre-net.) I’ll expound and see if that’s clearer. As for the grammar, I was casual, but I’m wondering if the text box was what was confusing instead?

Magery would be an attribute like strength but in magic. Roll lower with a d20 to make it.
Memory would be a capacity score. A Magery roll too high subtracts from the quantity of details you can manage.
In this system, details are traits that your result will have.
Casting Weight is the maximum weight your result can have, and is therefore one of the limits of what you can make and / or use as ingredients.
Every mage would pick up a bloom of mageroot per spell, break it into pieces (one piece per ingredient,) and touch a piece to each ingredient. The mageroot bloom then disappears, and the result of all combined ingredients appears at the intended place (within area of ingredients touched.)
Ingredients * ingredients * 2 = traits. Half you want, and half you don’t.
Gotta go–lunch over.