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I just got your PM… I really should check my inbox more often. Anyway…

I’m not entirely sure what, exactly, you meant with most of the things you said. In your first post, most of the last two paragraphs were hard to understand. You had completely undefined terms such as “Casting Weight,” and you have “Mageroot,” which I’m assuming is a type of spell component, but you need to define certain things about it. For example…

-Will the amount of mageroot used influence the spell in any way (I am assuming yes)?
-You mentioned desired and undesired traits – how do those depend on the ingredients that the mageroot is touched to?
-How much mageroot is usually required for the purposes of most spells?

As for your second paragraph, you need to format it better. I hate to be rude or anything, but with the lack of attention to grammar and no description of the variables involved, I couldn’t make heads or tails of what you typed. What does “i1,i2,i3 . . . ” refer to? It seems to have something to do with the ingredients for casting spells, but what do the numbers mean, and why are there different ‘numbers’ of ingredients at all? “With 3 i, 9 each for 18” sounds like it has something to do with multiplication, but 3 times 9 is 27, not 18, so I can only guess you’re not multiplying 3 by 9. The only thing I got from the rest of your second post was that something was rolled, and even that is vague; what type of die or dice (I’m assuming it was a die or some dice) was/were rolled, what sort of results on the roll give what sort of results in the game, are there separate rolls for whether or not one succeeds vs. how much one succeeds by (i.e., if you hit with an attack vs. how much damage you deal), etc.?