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She dives off the balcony, half a mile up. The floodlights trail her all the way down. Twenty feet from the concrete, she vanishes with a green flash, re-appearing behind the barricades and landing with feline grace. As the troopers swivel round, she draws and fires in a single fluid motion, a beam of searing light reducing half-a-dozen of Internal Security’s finest to a fine mist of charred amino acids. Before the rest can blink, let alone recover from the shock or aim, she’s running, covering a hundred meters in just under six seconds. The highway blurs past. Sirens blare, far away. She vaults over a truck, bounds onto the roof of a gas station and crouches, murmuring into her headpiece. The searchlights find her, helicopters painting her with stark white floodlights and the flickering beams of scanning lasers. Snipers lock on as she stands, hands up, still holding the gun. A voice tells her to put the weapon down. A smile creeps across her face, and she shakes her head slowly. A blue light from nowhere glows around her, outshining the floodlights. Sparks crawl across the roof.
One moment, the mystery thief stands tall. The next, there is nothing. Sniper fire pings uselessly off the empty roof.