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From the diary of Samuel Frobisher, (Vol XIV, 1889-1892), published with the kind permission of the Frobisher Estate:
…whilst walking over the moors today, I encountered a large blue head encased in a strange mechanical armour. The head attempted to talk in several languages, before settling on English, greeting me in an oddly familiar manner. We discussed the unseasonably wet weather, whereupon he prevailed upon me for the date. Upon hearing the year, the head began to chuckle and inquired towards the health of the Queen and the state of the Empire. After a short but spirited discussion on the merits of colonial rule, the head thanked me for my company and apologised for having taken up my time. He then vanished in a flash of green light, leaving me to finish my excursion. On the way home, I discovered something truly fascinating: an unusual specimen of taraxacum officinale, (or the common dandelion) the properties of which I have described in “Frobisher’s Compendium of Aberrant Species with Particular Regard Towards Common Flowering Plants of Britain”