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Wrath – Headshot

[Transcript begins.]
Subject 1: [expletive deleted] killed them all. Jesus. What do we tell them?
Subject 2: As little as we can afford to. If the press get a whiff of the truth, the entire department’ll be crucified.
Subject 1: He even killed the little ones. I thought he was supposed to be stable.
Subject 2: He is stable, compared to how he was before.
Subject 1: I don’t know if I can deal with this. It’s too much.
Subject 3: Shut it, Hallorann. Collins, check the exits, make sure we’re secure.
Subject 2: Yes, sir.
Subject 3: Is he awake yet?
Subject 1: Wha… I…
Subject 3 (shouting): Is he awake yet?
Subject 1: No, no sir. He won’t be… Oh [expletive deleted]. There’s no way.
Subject 3: Tranquilize him. Now.
Subject 1: But we used enough to kill an ordinary man!
Subject 3 (shouting): Do it now!
[Heavy breathing and moaning is heard in the background]
Subject 1: Jesus. C’mon, c’mon-
[Snapping sound]
Subject 3: Die, you motherf-
[Crashing sounds]
[Muffled screaming]
[Single gunshot]
[Heavy breathing]
[Transcript ends.]