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Here’s a stab at a couple of public domain characters.

First off Captain Blood a pirate displaced in time.

Irish born Caribbean Governor and former pirate, physician , and Royal Navy Sailor Captain Peter Blood was investigating a rumored separatist Voodoo cult in his territory when he ventured into a series of catacombs under his island. Little did he know the Voodoo high priest had just been murdered by a novice magician from his ranks who was making a desperate bid for power. Upon being discovered by Governor Blood the panicked magician threw a string of cursed bones at the captain locking him in a moment in time. Before he could dispatch Blood permanently the room began to quake, seemingly emanating from the corps of the murdered High Priest sealing the chamber for well over three hundred years. In modern days an archeological survey of the catacombs uncovered the chamber and to the start of those that found it the perfectly preserved (And still living) body of Peter Blood. Once the string of bones were removed Blood regained consciousness and mobility and set out to discover the world in which he now found himself.

and PantherMan a crime-boss of old returning to power.

PantherMan was a vicious sociopathic Crime-Boss in the first half of the twentieth century. In the 1940’s he was confronted and apprehended by masked crime-fighter “The Owl” Though he was never positively identified he was convicted of several counts of abduction and murder as “John Doe”. Despite several daring and clever escape attempts he spent the following decades in prison. Years later in the prison infirmary the elderly and frail “John Doe” was visited by a mysterious stranger who gifted him with a very old wooden jaguar totem, six days later he died of old age. Six days after his burial in the prison cemetery his grave was found open and empty, six additional days passed before a number of known crime-bosses were found dead in an old meeting room with a large panther painted on the back wall in blood.