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The Atomic Punk

ULTIMA RATIO (The Last Resort)
Original Characters by Harlekin; Story by The Atomic Punk


“David, look, the train station seems to be largely intact!”

“You’re right, Sibyl. Do your powers see anything?”

“No, this is strange. I can’t get any sort of reading. Something is blocking me.”

“I wonder… Sibyl, do you think that any survivors will be in there? It seems odd that the train station is still standing while the rest of the city almost burned to the ground.”

“It is, David. But it only makes sense that people would look for shelter. Let’s go!”

“Right behind you, Sibyl. There seem to be a lot of dead demons! Most of them look like they have been shot.”

“The inside seems fine… it’s just really empty. David, wait, who is that? Shiawase Shinzou! Shiawase Shinzou!”

“Huh? Hey, get bent! Oh… it’s you, Sibyl. Yeah… get bent, you boyfriend-stealing harpy!”

“What? I never tried to steal Enkaku from you! You are not even his girlfriend! We have no time for this! Where is Enkaku?”

“The demons caused the train to derail. They grabbed Enkaku and disappeared behind this door.”

“They kidnapped Enkaku? But why, Shiawase?”

“How should I know, David? All I know is that I’m getting him back. I don’t care whether it’s some tramp or a demon. No one is taking my boyfriend!”

“Shiawase, where did you find those guns?”

“Why are you always so nosy, Sibyl? And from now on, call me ‘Tama-hime!’”