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The Atomic Punk

NOLENS VOLENS (Willing or Not)
Original Characters by Harlekin; Story by The Atomic Punk

“Enkaku, take off your headset for a second.”

“What is it, Shiawase? Can’t you see that I’m almost to the Boss Level.”

“Look outside, the rain is really coming down. Pause your game and turn on the weather report.”

“What? No! I’m almost Wizard Supreme of Mega Mountain! It’s just rain.”

“I have a bad feeling, Enkaku, please!”

“Sigh, Shiawase… fine, I’ll switch my tablet to the news… Whoa! What is going on? Paris is on fire! So is London! New York?!? Beijing?!? Tokyo, too!”

“Look out the window! The rain, Enkaku… it’s on fire! What’s that on the tracks? It looks like some sort of… DEMON!!!”

“Shiawase, hang on! The train is shaking really hard. It’s going to derail!”


“Enkaku, what just happened? Wow… we crashed. The train is smashed to pieces. I wonder how long I’ve been unconscious. Enkaku, are you okay? Enkaku? Enkaku!!! It’s that demon! Where are you taking Enkaku?!?”