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Alexander of Limbo

Mr. Reaper’s Situation Assessment

So far things are moving accordingly. It was simply a matter of time until ascension began to move, and my pieces are already in place. Even so it will be quite some time until check mate. My pawns may be more easy to move, it’s the other pieces which may prove more difficult. I have chosen my pieces wisely, each individual will strengthen my cause without even knowing it.

Terrance Anders was easy to infuse, no alarms in his apartment, a heavy sleeper. I picked a hunched and grotesque sewer rat of a man for this job. A word in his ear is all it took for him to administer the “Empty Vessel” into Mr Anders. His possition in the New Zealand Consulate may come in handy at a later date, and his ability… truly magnificent. It was however onset by guilt, he blamed himself for the death of that woman. I don’t want the man to become a “hero”. There’s a woman involved… i must remember to seize her.

Shu Ji. Now i have great plans for him. He has nothing to lose and everything do give. Family killed by Ascension, imprisoned for life and now on a war path headed straight for Ascension. He should find no qualms joining me, i may even meet him face to face, recruit him myself. He is another with an amazing ability. Enhanced senses may have a downside though. Perhaps sun glasses and earmuffs should be prepared. Wouldn’t that be a terrifying sight.

Kate Quinn was implanted, but that fool of a barista cut it too close. I must however wonder how Ascension got to him that fast. I smell a rat, maybe it’s time to replace my staff.

I am hesitant about Adrian Wight. His ability reflects my opinion of him. He ran. Coward. but of coarse i do need my own little bishops, troops who attack from the side, who sneak. I can spare him a few more chances, after all i feel that as a Major shareholder of his employers i should be forgiving to staff. But he could become a liability. I could kill him, bu telliportation is a rare one, and the others who had it didn’t quite come out of the other side whole.

Gina Lamprey… now she is a curious one. She took the suitcase so willingly, she is one of the most easily persuadable people i have ever met. I may just cut her loose to see if she can even survive without someone telling her what to do.

And lastly: my personal curiosity, my pet project, that Triad. Pyrokenisis is very enjoyable for him and he a testament to the Triads alliance. He’s bringing everyone together quite nicely.

(hope people don’t mind me tacking liberties with their stories, if they disrupt your plans for your characters we can just scrap some bits)