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Well this one’s inspired by a recent read….. This may not be included but i like the theme though so i’ll post it anyway…

New York
YEARS after the WAR:

Different colors streaked the skies as F-18 fighters showed off strike maneuvers, breaking the speed of sound a couple times over, roaring thunderclaps. “Daddy!”, the little girl screamed as she cringed from the explosions. “Please take me home!”.

Orange and rainbow colors burst against the starless night sky as fireworks explode, eerily resembling the orange laser cannon discharges of the triangular Ascension warships. Remembering the battles of genocidal level he’s forced to watch as a boy, helpless…

“We’re here to celebrate Heroes’ Day, Little Darling.. Not just yet..”

His daughter calmed in his arms as he picked her up and held her tight.
The F-22 Raptors dipped and whirl synchronously. Perfect unison.



“Why do we celebrate this day, Daddy?”

“Heroes day?” His little girl’s lips pouted and he couldn’t help but smile. Anything wrong she hated to get. But with his head he motioned to the flying fighters, prompting her to look above again. “Heroes give their lives to protect those they love. That’s how we won the war against the Machines.”

A sudden lump of sadness rose in his throat, made him pause. “Protecting our people, your grandma died. We were losing the war. The Legionnaires were too strong. And we were outnumbered. Our petty weapons are no match for theirs. Couldn’t even get through their armor and shields. But your Grandma had a brave and generous idea. You know, she’s an “empty vessel”. As much as she was strong, her powers had their limits. Taking down two legionnaires with brute strength, she noticed that those triangular ships above were what actually controlled the legionnaire’s shields. But the ships were impenetrable with our missiles and guns. Unless….

“She flew one of the F-22’s, along with the other pilots. She crashed her fighter into one of the Ascension ships, as she thought maybe a whole fighter plane could break through. It worked and it blew their ships. The rest followed through. It was a tearful sight, as F-22’s crashed onto the triangular ships. And the Legionnaires were unable to fight with those warriors, glad with dying to save everyone else.”

The little girl’s eyes wide and shining watched the fighters showing off above them, in a military display. In his arms she sat tall. “And I am named after Grandma?”

“Your name. You are named after a hero.”

“I wanna be one, too.”

“Like grandma?”

“Yes, I wanna be a hero, too.”

He smiled at her as his daughter looked at him with a serious expression on her face, a perfect mirror image of her grandma.

But he blinked back tears when she looked away.

He hoped that his little girl never got a chance to be a hero.