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Herr D
Gina Lamprey
subway tunnel, Hong Kong
My Journey So Far

Dear Diary [date redacted]: The new doctor said I have such a rare form of cancer that he got me on a special program. My chemo hasn’t gone well, and he says I can’t have anymore radiation. At least my hair’s growing back. The clinic gave me a special envelope, mailed all the way from Hong Kong to me! My friend Billy gave me eighty bucks so I can have plenty of food while I get set up there. The new doctor made sure my passport was okay, and gave me a taxi voucher to the airport. The experimental surgery will use robotic arms to point the lasers and is too expensive to do for everyone. My counselor says I should keep on keeping the diary even though I’m not so depressed now that I won’t die. He says it’s good for me.
Dear Diary [date redacted]: The new doctor flew all the way with me and took me to the inoculation center near the charter plane. He gave me a funny-looking shot. I guess square needles are common in Hong Kong. I feel funny and am going to sleep now.
Dear Diary [date redacted]: I woke. I looked at book to know how to speak. I spoke Chinese today. Just enough to find the hospital. I stole a suitcase from a hotel lobby. It was the right one. It had money for the cab. It had soft bulky clothes. It had a flashlight.
I took the cab to the hospital. I waited until the right time. I walked in and re-con-fig-ured the rad-i-a-tion fre-quen-cies on the machine and broke the screen by hitting it on the counter. It broke just right. The doctor was never going to operate on me. I cured my cancer so my brain doesn’t have it anymore and never will again. I took the right pills from the cabinet there and went to the subway. I bought crackers and bottled water on the way. I faked coughing until everyone on my subway car got off and got under the seat. I put my head in the bulky soft clothes in the suitcase and waited for the accident. It wrecked and I was safe. I will finish writing this and take the pills I stole with some crackers and water. That means I will not be sick and will sleep until it is the right time. Then I will take the flashlight out and let the others know I am here. I do not think they are here yet.