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Alexander of Limbo

Dr.Emily Read had many patients, what Eugen Diedrich like to call the ‘experiments’. It was her job to carry out tests and physicals on the Vessels, to push them to the breaking point and take notes as they shattered. Today she was on her way to a patient that was broken beyond belief. Dr. Read liked Eve. She kept Eve in good health, comfort, safety and most importantly alive. Eve was a girl of around five years old, and her manifestation would normally have been have been safe or even fun for a girl her age. Eve was had developed and ability to connect to all computers and devices in her vicinity. A file, audio or video feed from bellow streamed through Eves skull. Every atrocity committed by the troops below, every second of every ‘test’ carried out on Diedrichs’ patients had been seen by Eve, and every shred of sanity had cracked under the horrors the attack had brought. She could watch in her head as civilians from below were converted into machines. She could listen to the screams of patients as their manifestation exploded out of control. And she could tell you where every platoon, commander of general was on any of the ships covering the sky.

Dr. Read swiped a card through the door’s card reader and the heavy metal door opened with a small hiss as the hydraulics system worked its magic. Eve sat, huddled and rocking in the center of the room, in a large glass cell. Dr. Read placed the tray down on a control panel before tapping in some password and opening a door to the cell. Eve would never try to run, even though she had no chains and would easily be able to wriggle free of Dr. Read. No she knew that even if she got out the many story fall to the ground from this ship would kill her. She’d seen it as one poor soul saw no other choice, and she’d seen him splat on the ground below. Dr. Read picked up the tray and walked in the cell towards Eve. She sat down next to the still rocking girl and tentatively whispered,
“Eve” The girl looked up suddenly, and down at the food which she then started to sniff before shoveling it in her mouth with her hands. Dr. Read looked at the knife and fork that Eve always left and then said,
“Eve i have a treat for you.” The girl gave a sideways glance from the food, just for a second, never once stopping her shoveling. Dr. Read reached behind her and picked up something. Eve stopped as she heard a dry rustling. In Dr. Reads hand was some paper and pens. Eve hadn’t seen so many colours in person for such a long time. She’d seen red… too much red. And orange was the colour of Ascension. The world bellow was grey and black though. Blue! And Green! she’d missed these colours. The colours of the sea reminded her of getting in her dads boat. He’d call her to the edge to show her the fishes and then he’d splash her and they’d both laugh. It was a good memory. She grabbed the paper and pens, crumpling most of the paper as she did so. A sad smile crossed Dr. Reads face as she thought she heard a small voice say thank you.

Dr. Read was almost out of the room when Eve started to sing.

Round and round and round the bad man goes
Where he stops nobody knows.
The skies are made of metal,
The ground will turn to dust,
As the bad mans’ empire grows.
But death approaches fast and grim,
A game the two are playing,
And only one will win.

Dr. Read rushed to Eve and almost grabbed her but thought better of it.
“Where’s the bad man Eve? Do you know? Can you tell me?” she urged. But eves eyes were glazed and she was scratching an picture onto the paper. It had too much red.