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Johnathon Reischek sat in his chair on the bridge of the Ascension flagship invasion craft. If he could have smiled, he would have. Those fools on the ground, those ‘Vessels’, had no idea what was about to happen. Sure they had won a few small skirmishes, but now he had taken steps to ensure that would never happen again. The Red Hand had given him a useful trial run on some of the new advancements, as well as giving him the opportunity to remove a group which could have become a problem later, all be it a minor one.
His thoughts were interrupted by one of the console technicians, who rose from his station to make a report.
“Speak,” Reischek said, and the technician saluted.
“Sir, we have found the girl. She has just made contact with drone 3.”
Reischek nodded, his eyes glinting malevolently.
“Relay the co-ordinates to the conduit,” he commanded. “And inform Commander Holland that it is time we unveiled the Phase Two’s to those fools in Times Square.”
The technician saluted again and Reischek sank back in his chair. Everything was going well.