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Alexander of Limbo

Mr Reaper, Assessment Reports

Assessment of Kate Quinn
So as well as getting himself killed the thrice damned barrista did not infuse Kate Quinn correctly. I made it very clear that it must be injected straight into the blood stream! During testing those that ingested the MT-VS7 had rapid compulsions and internal liquidation of their organs. However Miss Quinn has not reacted thus, interesting. The manifestations she possess are clearly activated by stress or anger, much like the others, however they differ each time. Why she has had this reaction is beyond me and must be investigated.
Currently she is off doing god knows what. The triad failed to sheep dog her to the others and it appears that a third party has introduced her to the Crimson Hand. How did they come into this!?
No worries, they can be fit into my little plan quite easily.

Assessment of Gina Lamprey
She’s done her job quite well this one, bu my previous assessment of her being easily manipulated may be a little off. Every now and then sh deviates from instructions. I believe her manifestation has left her a little unhinged. It also presents a threat to me, if she can see into the future then i must ensure that i never meet her…ever. I am going to have to play a difficult game to manipulate this one.
Also that stunt with the Ascension Cruiser is noted. They may have destroyed a whole Cruiser, but Ascension has lost absolutely nothing. Drawing attention to themselves in such a way is no good.

Combat Assessment of Terrance Anders, Shu Ji, Adrian Wight and the Triad
So some members of the bad of merry men had their first successful combat situation. They worked well as a team. Given time they will be a force to be reckoned with. Ascension will update my file from ‘Thorn in the side’ to ‘pain in the Ass’… if they have a file on me. One notable incident was the street urchin taking part. I honestly infused him with MT-VS7 for fun. But this one may prove useful. He’s certainly shown that he is capable of getting his hands dirty.

Assessment of ‘The Conduit’
This one has become a little kick in the teeth. I bestow the guy with god like powers and he uses them to kill off my pawns. The only good thing about this is i know Ascensions Queen, and they are exposing it too much.
Some how the marvelous minds over at ascension have managed to use his manifestation to permanently remove the MT-VS7 from others. It kills them, but feeds him. Somewhere down the line that will destroy him, the addiction will soon be unbearable, but i can’t wait that long. I could use him as a spy but the risk is too great. No, he needs to be dealt with.

Assessment of Rick Henare
Finally we get to my own remote controlled toy robot. I was surprised by how easily the Group at the Mall accepted him, you know, considering the whole cyborg thing. He may be ousted sooner or later but for now he can gather them around their little camp fires and tell them stories about how this all started. By the time they’ve heard what he has to say they will just be scrabbling to fight back. That rape bit as well, that just condemns Ascension as the ‘bad guys’, and i didn’t even have to plant that in his head.
For now i’ll let him do his own thing. But he is important. Very important.