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Knives seemed to jump upon my head, going deep into my brain before leaving as soon as they came. Finally, I opened my eyes and the pain seemed to dissipate into a very painful headache. Groggily, I got up, my body sore. I was still hazy, the pain and the throbbing increasing my confusion. How did I get here? Did I faint? And how long have I been out? Stumbling my way to the window, it came back all too suddenly. The memories flooded back, the airships, the cyborgs, and death all remained outside of his window. Mondas seemed to have descended upon Hong Kong.

And I had missed most of it apparently. From the time, it appeared that I had been out for three hours. I had been running from the chaos, from the monsters of machine and flesh, and then I was just here at home. I had traversed miles in seconds and once I stepped into this time warp, nothing would ever be the same. Too much was going on at once. Outside the world was being invaded and inside, I can teleport. Yesterday, I was just an Englishman in Hong Kong for business and now I’m in Normandy on D-Day.

Suddenly, there’s a booming outside in the hallway. An orange glow pervades through my keyhole. Oh shit! PHHH PHHH PHHH orange orbs cut into my room exploding everywhere. Time seems to slow down as I see one of the orange balls coming for me and then it isn’t. It happened again. I was in my apartment, about to become swiss cheese, and now I was in the mall. It was a place I went to feel closer to home. The mall was so western in an eastern land. Among the Cinnabon, Old Navy, and Gap, I felt like I was back at home. That was probably the reason why I showed up here when things got rough.

I stumbled, that now familiar feeling of reassembly making it hard to stand. I made my way to a counter, nearly tripping on the fallen clothesracks and the blood. The stench of death hit all at once. Death was everywhere, bodies of young and old, men and women were everywhere, their blood coating the walls like a new coat of paint. My throat pulled up and I could feel my breakfast coming back up. Then again, I was so disoriented, anything would’ve caused me to throw up. I regained my grip, my headache intensifying and my nose still pouring. I walked out of the store carefully, avoiding bodies and cautious for those mechanized monsters. As I got out of the store, which appeared to be a Men’s Wearhouse, I saw other survivors, scrabbling together random crap like they were some sort of Macgyver. I knew I’d be better off watching them, but people were people and I figured I was better off with company then alone in this fight. So I called out a “Hello”.