Re: ARTICULATED MAN by Sean David Ross



Articulated Man II

Okay. So. Here’s an Articulated Man for the 3/4 view

This is actually simpler than the first Articulated man even though we’ve got two background circles this time. There are two copies of the 3/4 male torso, one mapped to each of the background circles. The heads for the armpits and booty are still present, though we’ll tend to need them less often. With the two copies of the torso in place, we can bend and twist the trunk fairly easily.

With a quick flip, the abdomen and chest can be twisted independently from each other.

At this point, you can further refine your poses by introducing two more background circles and mapping two more torso images onto those – one for the neck, and one to focus on just the hips and lower abdomen. I’m not going to do that here – if you need to go to that level, then you should already know how to do that for yourself.

The next post I do here will be Articulated Man III. That version will combine elements from Articulated Man I & II.

tutorial by Sean David Ross