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I play a lot of SH RPGs, so I hear this a lot…
So many of them try to make every character the same, so that no character is ever overpowered compared to another.
Can you spell “Epic Fail”? It never, ever works!
On the other hand, witness poor, ‘underpowered’ Batman try to get along with the Justice League of America…
Oops! The villain has Kryptonite, Fire, and something colored Yellow? AND, he’s already tied Wonder Woman up with her own lasso? Gee, who does that leave to save the day? ;)
There are no overpowered, or underpowered, characters…
There are only scriptwriters who don’t know what they’re doing!
The rest is a matter of personal preference!
Sorry, I DON’T like Batman, Daredevil, or any of that sort of Hero…
Yeah, they’re more ‘human’ (and, have you MET any Human Beings, latley?) ;)
But, they wade through rooms full of goons firing guns like ammo was free, and somehow, despite being merely human, they don’t wind up a puddle of hamburger on the bar room floor… Huh?
At least Superman is SUPPOSED to be Bulletproof!