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I think it was during “Superman II” (the movie) that I watched him lift up the ice on top of a frozen-over lake (to put out a fire around Smallville, iirc), but he was holding it by ONE EDGE, and I thought to myself that the laws of physics (or something) dictate that the bulk of the ice-sheet would snap off by its own weight, leaving Superman with at best a large chunk of frozen lakeshore in his hands. Similarly, the Hulk picking up, say, an aircraft carrier would result in much of the vessel bending under its own weight and — well, I’m not sure what it would do, but it certainly wouldn’t be seaworthy afterwards.
Somehow, this is more bothersome to me than the way metahuman powers seem to keep increasing, which is, I suspect, inevitable when writers are trying to top themselves and continually raise the stakes, and part of the reason for the occasional reboot.
This is not to say I disagree with anyone’s comment; this is more like a “Yes, and–” comment.