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Ok, I’ve got an actual chart worked out but I’ll just post the estimated basics.

Human 100lbs – 1,000lbs [basic humans]
Hero 500lbs – 75,000lbs [enhanced or powered beings]
Divine 15,000lbs – 100,000lbs [greek, norse, gods]
Cosmic 100lbs – 120,000lbs [aliens – cosmic entities]
Empyreal 20,000lbs – 225,000lbs [dimensional, demons & angels]

These classes cover large ranges of characters within my universe; humans are humans. Hero can be someone altered or enhanced, a demi-god, a mutant, or many other types. A divine is a higher race and not truly defined as a God though they are often worshipped and interpreted as such. A cosmic is any universal unknown, from martians to entities capable of handling a divine skyfather. Empyreal is beings from a higher plain usually just accepted as another plain in general, ranging from djinn to demons to angels.

In terms of comics the higher levels are among the lowest in publish, but this would drive more alliances in order to face the larger disasters without having to keep introducing beings that one-up each other to the point of, as stated before, ridiculousness. Do you think this is a good range or too low? Heroes like superman wouldn’t be able to carry a whole shuttle into space, but they would be able to surve as a bad booster, which seems more like an alliance garnering pride on both sides, than “I can do it for you.”