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I understand wanting multi-tier leveled characters, In fact I find them vital, but I also think that instead of powering a single hero to the point of breaking have them forge alliances in order to take down this villain. That’s not to say every now and then you can’t have a temporary increase in power by some means in a single hero elevating him to such a tier, but ordinarily I say forge alliances.

I’m thinking Peak Human is probably around 1000lbs comic wise, I think DC is something like 800lbs and marvel has Cap around the same, but these are military press lifts I think. An athlete would be about a little over half so about 600lbs I would think, I could see a strong super like powerman lifting a car or truck 2000 -7000lbs roughly, a colossus type an 18 wheeler truck about 21,000lbs, and a hulk like character could possibly lift a light to medium weight tank say 60,000lbs, but should they be able to lift 100,000lbs tanks and ships or aircraft?

Even with a hulk powerful enough to take out a mid sized tank, so can a non-powered human, with the right tools and so even though the deck is enormously stacked in the hulk’s favor and the task seems near impossible, there still exists that shred of hope to cling on to. Now a cosmic being with the ability to lift an aircraft carrier, a powerless masked vigilante doesn’t stand a chance, but team him with a tank throwing hulk, and a storm like character and their back in the running. Jumping ahead a bit even with an army of cosmics if a character can wipe out civilizations with but a thought, truthfully you can’t win, characters shouldn’t be this powerful unless in a universal non direct role.