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Juno is the head of The Olympus Foundation, appointed to this position by Jupiter himself. Some saw this as little more than an attempt to curry favour with the woman he claims is his wife. His claims of immortal love (and even his claims that Juno is in fact Juno) have been questioned, given that this woman is a Jewish witch…not to mention gay.

Juno apparently has no interest in rekindling any eons old love with Jupiter but she does enjoy her new position of power as the the head of the Olympus Foundation. She may be a cold and occasionally petty woman but she does seem to genuinely care about the Pantheon’s philanthropic endeavors.


This version of Juno is inspired by an attempt to make at least one member of the Pantheon as different from their mythological counterparts as possible while also throwing a proverbial monkey wrench into Jupiter’s claims.

This is another one I don’t think I’m finished tinkering with yet.