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While not entirely “new” in the regard that I’ve mentioned him a few times in other characters stories, this is the first time Nevermore has ever graced my archive with his image, so I’m considering that a victory. I’ve been doing too many remakes lately.


Clinton “C.K” Keller has a somewhat obsessive personality. Vocalist for the rock band Nevermore, Keller and his band mates named their group in honour of their favourite costumed heroine, the mysterious Raven. C.K liked Raven somewhat more than the rest of the group though, to the point of being obsessed. He collected everything he could find on the mysterious hero, from news articles to merchandise to rare photos of her in action. He never allowed his obsession to get in the way of his bands success though and Nevermore began to enjoy some some fame in certain circles of the music community. But C.K soon began to question the validity of this success when he learned that he was a meta-human and his voice had a hypnotic quality to it. Had he been hypnotizing people into liking Nevermore with his songs? Did the band really deserve their newfound fame?

C.K fell into a spiral of depression and self doubt, made worse by his heavy drinking and drug abuse. But at his lowest point, he latched onto an old obsession and pulled himself free of the shadows. Perhaps he could put his newfound powers to good use. He fashioned himself a crude costume and used his encyclopedic knowledge of Raven to track the hero down, asking her to train him. He wanted to be just like her. If she started to like him in the process then all the better.

Raven was impressed by his ability to find her but turned him down. She thought she would only be putting the wannabe hero in danger and encouraged him to go back to his normal life. Undeterred however, C.K, taking his bands name as his alternate identity, decided to train by himself. Maybe he could prove to Raven that he was worthy of her attention. In the process if this training, he learned that his powers included far more than just a hypnotic voice. He had control over sonic energy and could shatter walls with a shout among other things. He embarked on a somewhat successful career of crimefighting, even if he never really graduated beyond stopping the occasional mugger etc. From time to time he would interject himself in Raven’s adventures, trying to prove his worth. Much to Raven’s surprise, and perhaps Nevermore’s too, he proved to be surprisingly competent. Perhaps he could do this after all.

While the costumed Nevermore kept to the shadows, the band of the same name kept a presence in the world of music, albeit a small one. One night they were booked to perform at the nightclub Avalon, known to be the base of operations for both The Keeper and Seraph. The performance went well but afterwards, C.K began to fall into old patterns. After meeting Seraph and The Keeper, he became attracted to both. His obsession with Raven seemed to fade away and he instead focussed his attention on The Keeper and Seraph. He began spending time at Avalon both as Clinton Keller and, behind the scenes, as Nevermore. Yet again however, these women seemed uninterested in Nevermore. Although this time it was perhaps not personal. The Keeper was focussed only on her work and had no time for outside distractions from anyone. And Seraph was too naive (some say out of it) to realize that Nevermore was interested in her.

Nevermore kept up his crime fighting in an attempt to impress the women in his life, seemingly unaware that he had already done that with the original object of his affection, Raven.