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Newton Locke, Also known as the teenage sorcerer Arcane, has been on the run from his own mother since his 13th birthday when she tried to sacrifice him and his magical energies to a demon lord in order to secure her own power.
Since then, Arcane has learned much about the ways of magic. He has formed friendships with the likes of Kinetic, Talon and The Web amongst others who would form the group unofficially known as The Lost Boys. He uncovered the heartbreaking truth about his existence, that he was born for the sole purpose of being sacrificed. And he has even had the opportunity to fight alongside his idol, The Keeper, in the magic wars.
After the initial thrill of this wore off though, Arcane began to question The Keepers actions and indeed those of everyone involved in the wars. The young sorcerer decided to play peacemaker between the warring factions and has since dedicated himself to maintaining balance in the magic community.


“Sometimes running away means you’re headed in the exact right direction” – Arcane.