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In the meantime, here’s a new character.

I actually made this guy a short while back but didn’t really think he was good enough to post here. But then I thought about some of the other rubbish I’ve posted here over the years and I decided I may as well.

I think I may have chucked this guy together in like five minutes so I know he’s not my best work.


The Locust King is the number one reason the developing insectoid human population is so feared and hated by general society. He and his army of drones have become a plague on all of humanity and are responsible for all manner of vile acts. The self appointed king has attempted to take control of a number of areas across the world. His most daring and devastating plan to date was when he and his army invaded Freedom City and almost succeeded in ousting the entire resident meta-human population of the city. Given the large number of meta-humans who live within and around Freedom city, this was a real testament to the power and of the Locust King and the threat he poses. It was only the stealthy actions of Dragonfly and Vespa, who the Locust King had initially overlooked, that managed to save the day and oust the invading army.

The Locust King both loves and hates the Ant Queen. He began with love, believing that their very similar powers are a sign that they were supposed to rule the world together. But the Ant Queen found her would be suitor to be rather disturbing and almost psychotic. She spurned his advances and his love twisted until he was unable to tell if he loved or hated the woman.

His mixed feelings for the leader of the colony are what led the king to develop his horrifying current persona. The Ant Queen, often the target of the spurned Locust King’s mad schemes, felt guilty for her albeit unintentional part in creating this psychotic menace and tried her best to foil his plans whenever she could. This only made the Locust King hate her even more. But still, his underlying love prevented him from eliminating her for good. Unfortunately, this love doesn’t transfer to others who get in his way and the Locust King has been responsible for the deaths of a number of young heroes who attempted to put a stop to his plans.

Dragonfly has become a particularly hated enemy of the King, not only because the hero was responsible for ruining his invasion of Freedom city but also because he appears to be the Ant Queens favourite agent. Dragonfly, while confident in his own skill, recognizes that the Locust King is one of the greatest threats anyone could ever face. On one occasion Dragonfly and the young heroine Salamander encountered the Locust King. Salamander, not really knowing who the king was, wanted to fight the villain but Dragonfly ordered her to retreat immediately. He knew that the Locust King wouldn’t hesitate to kill the young girl if she got in his way.

The Locust King is a dangerous and psychotic individual who seems seems to lack any kind of morals. He continually threatens the safety of the world and truly believes that he should rule over everyone else.