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Jupiter (a.k.a Zeus) is the Superman of my characters universe….Actually he’s one of several.

He is also the leader of The Pantheon, a loose association of super-humans who Jupiter claims are the reincarnated gods of ancient Greece and Rome. (You’ll see more of them later) According to Jupiter, when the world began to change and mortals stopped believing in the gods, there was no place for him and his family. His bickering, squabbling family. Jupiter grew tired of the trickery and back biting of the other gods and so cast them out. He cursed them to continually live mortal lives. It was a lesson in humility.

Jupiter was alone.

Over the ages though, the lone god began to miss his family. He was tired of being alone. And so he set the same magic upon himself. He would live a mortal life until the day he died and the cycle began again. But he alone would remember who he was. He would remember because he foresaw a day when he his family would be needed again and he would need to bring them back together.

That day is today.

Jupiter has collected together a number of super humans whom he claims are the old gods. While none of the other “gods” have any recollection of their previous lives, Jupiter has convinced many of them that his story is true, while others are still unsure.

The public at large are as undecided as the gods themselves. While many believe Jupiter and the other gods are who they claim to be, just as many think he’s a nut job who is little more than a super powered cult leader. No matter what people believe, Jupiter continues to gather his scattered family in preparation for the day when they will all be needed.