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Just a costume experiment for a character I created years and years ago. American Dream’s partner in crime-fighting (among other things) the kind of Captain America rip-off known as Sentinel.

I’ll probably come back to this character later as I have several different costumes/poses in mind. In fact once I had figured out how the costume worked and saved this version I shifted several things around to pose him differently but then HM bugged and messed up all the layering and masking. I was far too lazy to try and fix it all so I’ll go back to it later and try again.


Chase Freeman isn’t a super strong behemoth. He doesn’t shoot lasers from his eyes. Hell, he isn’t even a millionaire playboy with too much free time on his hands. He’s just a man. An ex army ranger with a desire to do the right thing. A keen strategic mind, his athletic ability and the drive to help his fellow man is all he needs to protect the people of the world from evil….Well, maybe that and a firearm from time to time.

Sentinel may be a normal man in a world full of super powered heroes and monstrous villains but he has proven not only that he is capable of holding his own in a fight but that he is a force to be reckoned with.

“I hope for nothing. I fear nothing. I am free.” – Sentinel.