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As I mentioned when I posted Salamander, the universe these characters inhabit has recently suffered a tragedy. The death of the young hero, Gecko.

Gecko idolized the masked heroes of the world and wanted to be just like them. So when his father invented a set of of gloves and boots that would allow a person to climb walls, he “appropriated them” and set out to accomplish his goal, much to the horror of his parents and the annoyance of his city’s heroes. Despite everyone’s continued efforts to get him to stop, Gecko always found a way to get a hold of his fathers gear and continued to “wash the streets clean with soapy justice”.

To his credit, Gecko was very nimble and seemed to have a knack for athletics. He earned the respect of several heroes, including Dragonfly and Salamander, the latter of which he felt a strong bond with. The two became friends, despite the difference in age and Salamander convinced several established heroes that Gecko had a lot of potential. After all, he was going to keep trying to be a hero one way or another. Why not make sure it’s done right?

Unfortunately, not long after the decision was made to train Gecko officially, tragedy struck and Gecko was caught in a bomb blast while saving a number of civilians.

The public outcry at the death of such a young child under the care of “so called heroes” is still being felt but Gecko has been named an honorary member of the Freedom League for his heroics.