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Elizabeth Black was beautiful. Elizabeth Black was loved. But everything changed when the hero Atomic died.

The explosion and subsequent radiation given off by the hero’s death killed thousands. Elizabeth was “one of the lucky ones”. Miraculously, she and a number of others had survived. But she didn’t feel very lucky. Not only was everyone she knew dead but she had become infected with atomic radiation. Her very touch was now poisonous. Elizabeth was locked away, supposedly for the safety of those around her. She languished in hell for months, deprived of human contact for the first time in her life.

Meanwhile though, the other survivors had changed too. And among their number was the individual now referring to himself as Mind-Wave. Mind-Wave orchestrated a plot to escape the holding facility he and the other “infected” were being held in. When the newly named Children of the Atom were unleashed upon the world Elizabeth, now calling herself, Black Betty, was among their number.

The Children of the Atom quickly proved to be a danger to the world and often fought an assortment of heroes. Black Betty seemed at times to have been driven insane by her new state. But at times she has proven to be the one member of the group who actually has any piece of their original humanity left. She hates what she has become and has considered leaving the group on a number of occasions. But Mind-Wave is devious and has convinced her that he and the other children are the only people who could ever love her now.

They are her family.

“Now I am become death” – Black Betty.