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When I started creating this guy I had zero intention of creating this guy. To be honest I was just screwing around and trying to use items I don’t normally use but when I got so far into it I thought to myself “Self, this would make a pretty cool costume for Clover”. Because as some of you may know, 90% of the character I post here already exist in some form. I have a list of about 250 that are really just waiting for me to create an image for them. So Clover kind of snuck up on me but I’m glad I got him done. Another one off my list.

p.s. There are certain things in this image that are really just my own little joke with myself. Y’know, because I’m a weirdo.


Clover is a highly paid mercenary specializing in cyber crime with a side of ultra violence. Sure he could probably do a lot of his work sitting on his couch at home but he has an almost psychotic love of punching people in the face. Most people assume that Clover is just really good or really lucky. Both are actually true. But what few people realize is that he is actually capable of altering local probability fields in his own favour, essentially making his own luck.

While Clover is mostly a happy-go-lucky kind of sociopath, he has an almost overwhelming hatred for his former partner. The now reformed millionaire Dominic Cain, once known as the villain Domino. Clover believes Cain betrayed him and now spends much of his time plotting revenge. So far he has been surprisingly unsuccessful in his plans. Possibly due to to Cain’s own luck powers counteracting Clovers but probably due mostly to the constant meddling of one of various young heroes who Cain now funds.

Despite these set backs though, Clover is determined to make Cain pay for his alleged betrayal and maintains that it’s only a matter of time. And a matter of luck.