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Here’s my kind of rip off of Powers.

Virgil and Romero are two of the best detectives in the city and are part of a unit that investigates crimes involving meta-humans. They have encountered Dragonfly on a number of occasions and have become his closest contacts within the FCPD.


Detective Emily Virgil
No one would argue the fact that Emily Virgil is the most driven member of the Meta Crimes Unit. Her passion for justice has always pushed her to over achieve in her chosen career and she has become one of the youngest detectives in the departments history. Sure, the swerve into meta crime was hardly a direction she saw her career taking but she loves her job. Even if it does put her in a ridiculous amount of danger on a daily basis.
Her partner, Tim Romero, is incredibly aggravating at times but he has become her best friend and the only person she trust implicitly. The two have a sibling like relationship and while they’re constantly bickering and making fun of each other, both would go to the ends of the earth for their partner.
Virgil has always been an excellent judge of character. So when Dragonfly first showed up on the scene, she was one of the few people willing to accept him at face value. While most hated and feared the insectoid humans, Virgil recognized that Drogonfly’s drive for justice was as strong as hers. She has always been his strongest supporter within the FCPD and has helped sway the initial distrust felt by some of the other officers.
Virgil and Dragonfly have become fast friends and, not that she would ever openly admit this, she even has a slight crush on the hero despite never actually seeing him without his mask (that she’s aware of).


“Do you want to surrender now or after I shoot you?” – Emily Virgil.


Detective Timothy Romero
“The Dream Team”. That’s how Tim Romero refers to himself and Virgil. And it may actually be valid. While Romero’s career hasn’t advanced as quickly as Virgil’s has, there’s no doubting that he’s one of the best. It’s perhaps his casual disregard for authority and often reckless behaviour that has held him back somewhat. Nonetheless, Romero enjoys where his career is at right now and he enjoys the dangerous aspect of his career slightly more than his partner does.
Romero often acts like an older brother towards Virgil. While he’s more than happy to put himself in harms way, he hates having Virgil take the same risks. Virgil just finds this hypocritical and mildly sexist. While the two argue a lot they clearly care for one another and woe betide anyone who screws with either of them.
Romero is not a fan of the bug people, Dragonfly included, and doesn’t understand why Virgil is so trusting. He more often than not refers to Dragonfly simply as “The bug”. His hatred of the bug people is understandable though. During an attack on the city by the Locust King and his army, Romero was wounded and came as close as he ever has to death. Since that point on he has hated every last one of the insectoids, despite the fact that Dragonfly was largely responsible for ending that particular crisis. Dragonfly probably doesn’t help matters by giving as good as he gets when Romero throughs barbs at him.
Despite his distrust of Dragonfly, Romero has begun to grudgingly respect the hero. He realizes now that he may not be as bad as he initially thought and is actually pretty good at detective work in his own right. That said though, he still keeps a close eye on the bug. Just in case.


“Hey idiot! You have the right to remain silent so shut the **** up!” – Tim Romero.