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Herr D

Offer of backstory for ‘vandal.’

Chain Of Events

“RuPRECHT! What is the meaning of this? What are you doing here with that? I mean–with him.”
“My queen: the situation is under control. You know I solve problems for you.”
“Yes, but–“
“Didn’t I tell you this object on my face would repair my blindness?”
“Well, yes–“
“Then let me assure you I’ve done it again!”
“What, exactly, have you done?”
“I have created a monumentally useful magical artifact!”
“This collar and chain, when touching the flesh, transfers the will of any being to the representative of the most wronged.”
“You know I need an example.”
“This very large barbarian was caught desecrating a temple, and had already destroyed three silos, killed over thirty people and twelve good horses. As those properties and subjects are within your monarchy, his will was transferred to me until we came within five feet of you. Then he had to stop, as you represent the entire kingdom, and you have not yet commanded him.”
“Five feet is good, Ruprecht. I think perhaps you should return him to his cell. I don’t wish to have a prisoner serve me directly. He will already be punished, no need to make him resent me personally. Such willful wrong is unbecoming of nobility.”
“Like genocide would be, your Highness?”
“You’ve no need to worry over offending him. Part of this artifact’s magic is that he will have no idea he is not following his own mind. You could persecute him or have him wipe out his own tribe completely, and he would think the order did not come from you.”
“You will return the barbarian to his cell at once and destroy this artifact. It sounds MUCH too dangerous. Really, Ruprecht; controlling the will of others is an evil thing. Please tell me about any artifacts you know of that might be so dangerous.”
“Well, Highness, I’ve just finally recognized the rivet pattern in the stolen guardsman’s clothes that the prisoner is wearing.”
“Twelve rivets to recognize the twelve tribes. Mountain Trolls, Cave Trolls, Goblins, Naiads, Dryads, Boulderbruins, Goatmen, Mermen, Birdmen, High-Middle-and-Low Elves, Giants, Dwarves, and Hair-faces. The pattern signifies revenge on others’ behalf. This artifact would bring the closest authority of the twelve tribes here.”
“We killed them. We killed the Tribal Council when we wiped out all tribes within the kingdom.”
“True. Perhaps it could summon the spirits of them?”
“Ruprecht? Perhaps you should drop the chain?”
“Oh, no, my queen. The barbarian would surely attack you!”
“Ruprecht! Put away the kn–GUAkkkkkkkrrh…” [thud]
“Prisoner, you will come with me to the other castle where the queen’s family lives. The queen is not here. Just some dead woman who appears to have stolen the crown and been stabbed for her crimes. Come along.”