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A complete redo of one of my oldest characters. And I mean a complete redo. There was a lot more spandex in the original design….I think he may even have been purple at one point.

Savage is a long time foe of of Prowler (as well as his on again-off again team mates) and he is as dumb as he is big. It should be noted though that will Savage may not be all that intelligent in the common sense, he has a deadly cunning and uses it to his advantage when stalking prey.

p.s. I encountered a really annoying bug while creating this character. I was 98% complete and tried to undo a pattern I had applied to the wrong item, but when I hit the undo button it shifted all the layers around and unmasked everything. So I had to go back and fix everything. Not the worst bug ever but still time consuming.

Anyone else experienced this?

Jett – “…Wha…Hey!…Are you sniffing me?!”
Savage – “…..No….Maybe…Did you like it?”
Jett – “NO!!!”
Savage – “Then no.”