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More costume experimentation.


Neutron was once a hero. Or at least he tried to be. He had all the hallmarks of a great hero. Strong, fast, courageous…but Neutron was also arrogant and brutal. He had little mercy for his opponents and wasn’t above pummelling them into the ground until they begged him to stop.

Neutron’s fellow heroes were disgusted by his attitude. But the final straw came when the arrogant hero murdered an opponent in cold blood, deeming him too dangerous to be left alive. From that day onward, Neutron himself was branded a criminal. Neutron didn’t understand this one bit. In his increasingly twisted mind, he was the victim in a grand conspiracy. He still saw himself as a hero but now saw the other so called “heroes” as villains.

Neutron has continued on a downward spiral of insanity and paranoia ever since.

Recently, Neutron has taken an interest in the extra-terrestrial hero known as Comet and has even hinted at the fact that the two are somehow related. While the two certainly share a similar set of powers, most people claim that this relationship is little more than another one of Neutron’s delusions. Comet however knows nothing of where he comes from or even what he really is. Can Neutron provide him with answers?


Ricochet (on Neutron) – “He wasn’t always like this you know. He used to be one of us…He used to be a hero.”