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Ratchet and Ralph are the leaders of the Rat Pack. Or at least that’s what Ralph thinks. Only Ratchet, the smaller of the two, has any real power. Little is known about the two rats other than they were once homeless men until they became unwitting test subjects of the mysterious and some say crazy men behind Evolution Inc. The organization has been known to combine human and animal DNA for some bizarre and as yet unknown reason and some of their other unwilling subjects have in the past included Throwback and Tailgator among many others.

Ratchet doesn’t care what the men behind Evolution Inc hoped to gain in transforming him. All he knows is he likes things this way. Now he has more power than he ever had as a man. Of course he uses that power as a criminal, albeit on a small scale. Ratchet is a procurer of specialist items. A fancy way of saying he’s a thief. Although much of the actual thievery is left up to Ralph.

Most have come to realize that very little of what the rats say can actually be trusted. Especially Ratchet, who lies almost as easily as he breathes. Ratchet and Ralph are shady underworld characters with an inflated sense of self worth but when things get a little too hot to handle, such as dealing with any of the worlds many heroes, the rats are quick to either run and hide or flat out surrender. As Ratchet has been known to say in the past; “We’re businessmen, not savages.”

“I’m sure we can come to some sort of…heh heh heh…arrangement” – Ratchet.