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@CantDraw said:

Good to see you back! Man, that’s a crapload of good charcters you posted. Your costuming is second to none. BTW, I saw your comment on DiCicatriz about wanting to do better faces. Speaking truthfully, I’ve been on HM since 2.5 but didn’t start posting in March because I finally starting to understand how to do faces. I’ll give you two tips: eyesbrows and shading. Changing the position of a pair of eyesbrows will change the expression of face without having to change the other pieces. When it comes to shading, there’s not one right way to do. I mainly use the gradient circle, but others like to use insignias. Just experiment like crazy and I’m sure you’ll get the hang of it. To me the face is the best part of a character.

Yeah I’ve been using HM since 2.5 too and I still suck at faces :)

I think it’s mostly the shading that gets me. I’m perfectly fine at shading the rest of the body but when I get to the face I just can’t get it looking natural and the whole character ends up looking weird because of the contrast between the shaded body and the flat, non-shaded face.

Oh well, I guess I’ll get better at faces eventually if I keep trying. I used to be god awful at shading but now, while I wouldn’t say I’m actually good at it, I think I’m improving. Thanks for the advice.