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Savaanah was never truly accepted among her people. Or even her own family for that matter. They claimed they loved her but Savaanah knew better. It wasn’t love in there eyes. It was pity.

Savaanah was abandoned by at an early age by her father for her unnatural white hair and strange demeanor. Even as a baby, she never cried. Not once. She never smiled or laughed or showed any emotion whatsoever. People worried that there was something unnatural about this girl. Savaanah’s own mother was among these people.

As she grew older, little really changed in Savaanah except her increasingly violent tendencies. She spent practically all of her time practicing fighting techniques with anyone who was willing to spar with her. She seriously injured more than a few. People’s pity for the girl was instead replaced by fear. In the end, she grew tired her small corner of the world and even more tired of the way people looked at her.

So she left her home and her family behind and ventured out into the world, selling her fighting skills as a mercenary. It seemed then that violence was all Savaanah knew.

Eventually, her travels led her to America. Here she crossed paths with a number of costumed heroes, usually while she was in the employ of some crime lord. People began to take note of this hired gun who was surprisingly able to hold her own in fights against super humans when she herself had no powers. She even bested a number of them. Word spread of Savaanah’s skill and every shadowy criminal wanted to hire her. Her stock continued to rise and rise. But then Savaanah encounted the masked hero known as The Hunter. One of the very few normal human beings who were capable of defeating her in a fight.

After Savaanah’s first encounter with The Hunter, she was arrested but managed to escape. It was the Hunter who once again found her and brought her to justice. Savaanah began to grow obsessed with defeating the Hunter. She continually found some way of escaping prison and attacked the Hunter. She was bested every time.

Over the course of her encounters with the Hunter, something began to change in Savaanah. She grew frustrated with her continual defeats and eventually began to show the first true signs of emotion. Unfortunately for the Hunter, that emotion was rage.

In one final climactic battle, Savaanah released all of her rage in a fight with the Hunter, having learned from her past mistakes. In a surprising turn of events that no one expected, the rage filled mercenary bested one of the worlds top martial artists. Savaanah knocked the Hunter clean out….But then she did something even more unexpected.

With a deep sigh of relief, the eerie calm that Savaanah was known for washed back over her and she handed herself over to the police. Her reasons for doing so are still unknown. On the rare occasion that Savaanah chooses to speak to someone, she refuses to discuss the matter.

After spending some time in prison, Savaanah was approached by agents of the United States government. A team was being formed under the supervision of Payne. A team looking to rehabilitate super powered criminals. Savaanah was quick to point out that she didn’t have super powers but was informed that Payne herself had requested Savaanah’s presence on the team. Not that Savaanah (or any other member of the team) really had a say in whether they would join or not. Savaanah knew Payne had ulterior motives for adding her to the team besides her fighting skills but she didn’t really care.

She had plans of her own.