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In reaction to the attack, Jo reflexively cast an illusion of fire on himself. The fire could not burn anyone but Jo hoped it would hold back the bees. It did. More police cars pulled over to the scene and saw the flaming hero fending off the evil bees.
“Away WITH YOU”, Jo shouted then he amplified the illusion around him, making the fire look very threatening.
The swarm of bees united into one figure, that of Dr. Essuman and he said to Jo, “I know who you are Anansi-the-Spider. You call yourself a hero but you couldn’t save me and all my bees from this wretched fire. I know that beneath that hood is a human; and when I find you, you shall feel the sting of death itself. Remember me, Mboro; I shall make every human pay for this. This is just the beginning”.
After the short speech, Dr. Essuman transformed back into a swarm of bees and flew up and away from the scene while Jo slowly reduced the illusion flames around the body to nothing.
“Freeze Anansi-the-Spider, You’re under arrest!” One policeman shouted to Jo’s back. “Put your hands in the air and slowly turn around”, the policeman added.
Jo obeyed and put his hands in the air but never turned around. Three policemen began to approach him with their guns aiming at him.

Meanwhile in Dr. Powell’s jeep, …
“Jo what are you doing?” Dr. Powell was asking himself as he saw his friend surrendering to the police. “If the cops find out who you are, you’re done; we are done.”
Jut immediately, the front passenger door of the jeep was opened by an invisible hand, and an invisible person sat in the car. When Dr. Powell felt the weight and presence of another person in the car, he shrieked and tried to attack but the invisible figure said, “Drive!”
Dr. Powell cursed when he recognized the voice of the invisible person, and then started his engine at once. Before leaving, Dr. Powell stopped to look at the hooded figure that the police were about to arrest.
When one of the three policemen tried to touch the hooded figure, his hand passed right through him and the whole figure then turned into a smoky substance and blew away with the wind.
The medics that were in waiting immediately ignored the policemen and went to attend to the patients of Dr. Essuman, or rather, Mboro.
When Dr. Powell’s jeep drove out of campus, Jo made himself visible. “What was that move with the cops? Why make them think you surrendered when you actually hadn’t?” Dr. Powell asked
“I wasn’t trying to make them think I had surrendered; I was letting them know that they cannot catch me. No matter how hard they try.” Jo replied. “And the fire trick?” Dr. Powell asked. “I know bees don’t like fire and while I pondered the situation, I didn’t understand why there was smoke without fire.” “So what do you think?” Dr. Powell asked. “Magic; by all means, magic. How else do you explain the swarm of bees forming one man; and back to a swarm? A voice inside my head keeps repeating the same name that the doctor mentioned but it seems like it is stressing on the ‘m’. More like ‘MMBORO’ instead of ‘MBORO’.”
Dr. Powell asked, “Do you think the difference matters?” Jo replied, “Of course it does. The local dialects in Ghana have different meanings of words when you stress them.” “So you already trust the voices in your head now?” Dr. Powell asked
Jo answered, “Dr. Anoki told us that that voices are from past wielders of the spider totem”. “Yea, and he also mentioned that some of them were more evil than others.” Dr. Powell said in response.
“Calm down already Jack,” Jo said, “Let’s just call Dr. Anoki and find out what he knows about the name.”

A phone call and a trip back to the Cob-Web later,
Dr. Powell and Jo were watching the news review of the event. They heard the brief history of Dr. Marvin Essuman and the police named him “Wanted”. Fortunately, no one had died but many people were in terrible health conditions while others healed faster. With relation to Anansi-the-Spider, the comments of the public were even more awe-inspiring and the police condemnation also increased.
After a short while, Jo switched off the TV and turned to Dr. Powell. “So it turns out I still need that totem after all.” Jo said, “I don’t like what it does to me. I don’t like how it makes me its slave”, he added.
“Not if you become its master first”, Dr. Powell replied quickly. “You know that Rome wasn’t built in a day; Practice makes perfect” he added quickly. Jo asked, “What are you now; a proverbist?” then the two laughed.
“It’s still worth a shot.” Jo finally said after being quiet for a while. “Dr. Anoki says he’ll be coming to Nkran tonight so you are in charge of bringing him here.” Dr. Powell said.
“Not me, there’s someone I want you to meet, my closest friend from childhood; Elgin”. Just then, the bell of the main gate of Dr. Powell’s house rang.
“That must be him”, Jo said. Before Dr. Powell would say anything Jo began to rush down the stairs. Dr. Powell followed closely behind, and was trying to talk to Jo. “No Jo, you cannot just bring people into your new life. You’ll only endanger them and yourself.” Dr. Powell said as he chased Jo to the front gate. “It’s fine Jack, he already knows about it; we can trust him”.
“You have already told someone else about this? That is reckless Jo”, Dr. Powell said while he continued to chase Jo to the front gate. When Jo finally reached the gate, he doggedly opened it and let in a very beautiful red Lamborghini onto the compound. After closing the gate, Jo rushed to meet the person in the red car.
A muscular tough tall man with very high shoulders stepped out to meet Jo. As soon as Jo was close enough, the tough man threw a punch with his tough hand but Jo’s spider reflexes detected the move and dodged it at an impossible time. The move surprised both the tough man and Dr. Powell yet the tough man attacked again; throwing punches with both hands. Jo dodged each of them so the tough man turned his attention to Dr. Powell instead.
He rushed toward Dr. Powell with his fists ready to strike and the helpless doctor lowered himself and covered his face in fear. When the tough man was close to punching Dr. Powell, Jo took him from the side with a massive super-strength enhanced punch that knocked the tough man’s chin and threw him to hit a wall, bleeding from his nose and mouth. “Enough Elgin!” Jo said out.
“That is Elgin?” Dr. Powell asked as he got up from his cowering position. “Ooh Sorry man, I thought he was like you”, the tough man said.
“So is that how you greet an old friend?” Jo said as he approached the tall man who now had a severely broken nose that was bleeding without pause. Jo approached him and helped him to his feet. Dr. Powell approached them and Jo said, “Jack, meet my closest friend from childhood, Elgin. I’m sure we can…”
Before Jo would end his sentence, Dr. Powell interrupted and said, pointing at Elgin in blazing anger, “You, get out of my house, NOW!”

The swarm of bees that formed Mboro flew over the houses in the city of Nkran. “Without the university, I don’t have anywhere else to live.” Mboro thought to himself, “Going back there would be a terrible idea because the police would be all over the place by now… How did it all go so bad? Just at daybreak tomorrow, I should be demonstrating the new species of magical bees to the school. What do I do now? Who could’ve done this to me? Who?
It’s definitely those other lecturers in my faculty. I saw their faces when the Chancellor said I would become head of department after my demonstration was accepted. Anthony Ayitey and Frank Donkoh; you are definitely part of this… You will pay dearly for this; you shall be my true victims. And also, there’s something much more important to do. I need to prepare myself for that guy in the red hood who calls himself Anansi-the-Spider. I’ll surely have to prepare for him. He crossed the line when he meddled in the affairs of Mboro; son of the Queen of all queen bees. If he fights to protect humans, as do I for my bees.”

In Dr. Powell’s house at South Legon, …
Elgin had just driven away and Jo was looking at Dr. Powell as he closed the huge gates.
“This is exactly what happens when you are careless about your secret identity Jo”, Dr. Powell said after locking the gates. He continued, “They come in, attack first, talk later. Telling your best friend about your secret was a very dumb idea and look at him… he looks like the type who would sell you out for cash”.
Jo interrupted and said, “That is not true. I’ve known Elgin all my life and although he’s spoilt and undisciplined, he’ll never sell a friend out, even when we were in bad terms.” Dr. Powell paused and saw the conviction in his friend’s eyes and said, “But still, it was wrong for you to have made such a decision without telling me, your partner.”
“Partner?” Jo said, “I thought you were my sidekick; like the hero and sidekick thing.” He added. Dr. Powell asked, “Jo, did you just call me your sidekick?” “No, I said that’s what I thought”, Jo replied.
“So when would you go and get Dr. Anoki from the airport?” Dr. Powell asked Jo. “I already said Elgin is on that”, Jo replied. Dr. Powell frowned at Jo and said in anger, “You know something? For a superhuman, you are very reckless and irresponsible”, then walked past him to his jeep and drove out through the garage toward the airport.

Watch out for part 3 Cool