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“Begin- to begin is half the work, let half still remain” ~Marcus Aurelius

It was a normal day. Home was the complex, a specially built facility in the middle of some desert made just for us. It was all we had really known. We had been out before, me and Claire more than the others, but still the sterile white walls and the mechanical doors were still home for us.

Like every other day, I had gotten up and done my exercises, excelling in whichever ones I did. In fact, I had set new records in both areas. But being who I am, doing a run, isn’t the only exercise I needed, I needed to train my abilities. So I stepped into the simulator. The simulator contained the very best light and robotic technology to create realistic fight situations.

I was in a fantasy mood, so I prepped it for a castle run with four animated knights. I walked forward and the walls melted into a grey stone with various torches lighting the way. A sword appeared in my hand with a puff of smoke right as I heard them. The four of them were behind me, trying to sneak up on me while wearing armor, a truly difficult task. I turned around and met one of their swords with my own. I pushed forward, knocking him back and then swung. Its head came clean off like a golfball off a tee.

The other three began to circle me, learning from their comrade’s mistake. Two came at once, but I rolled beneath them, launching my sword into one of their guts. It fell and a spear came into my hands. I kept the two knights at a distance, but then they both charged. One got skewered while the other got close enough for a strike. I barely dodged the sword, and I rolled yet again. It began to piss me off. Now a pistol appeared in my hands. Two Bang bangs ended the robotic menace. I know, using a modern weapon in a medieval setting is cheating, but then again, I was never one to play fair. The exercise was over and once again the walls melted, but this time it was into the sterile silver they usually were colored.

The daily lessons followed. It was soon time for lunch with me and my siblings. We all ate together every day, all fifteen of us. All of us from the oldest me and Claire to the youngest Kyle, and everyone in between was there.

We were all the same. We were created for one purpose, to make the world better. There was evil in the world and we created to stop it, by any means necessary. The group that made us, Syncris, had made us with demon blood flowing through our veins, imbuing us with powers which we could use to help the world. We all were faster and stronger than regular people and we all could summon weapons to our disposal, wherever we were. We used these powers to stop evil in its tracks and often it ended with a body bag. We knew it was wrong, but we alone had the power to help the world and this was the only way we knew how.

Back to lunch. Our caretaker, Ms. Ghost, took me aside, telling me that I had a mission to do. A local town had been experiencing problems with bandits and she wanted me to help. I immediately agreed, as I had not been out of our complex in about a year and was itching to do something. She told me to be at Door 5 in an hour and there I was, ready to stop evil yet again.
The waiting is always what killed me. I was a patient person, but then again when your body is waiting for action, inaction seems like murder. Soon the usual bells and whistles went off and the door began to move. The doors rose, sand and hot air rushing into the room. Blinding light began to pour from the crevice, eventually engulfing me.