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Alexander of Limbo

Well it has been a week, and all i have for you guys are these three:

Name: Ne-Mar
AKA: The Squid
Gender: Male
Alliance: Hero
Info: Ne-Mar was a prince and heir to the throne of a hidden aquatic race of humanoids. He didn’t aspire to rule, he wanted to live a simple life with his mate (/girlfriend) Na-Mi. However one day his older bastard brother banished Ne-Mar so that he could become the heir to the throne. Ne-Mar was banished to the air world and soon used his species abilities to become the hero unfortunately know as The Squid. Like most of his species he wears a costume of silver fish scales, these are incredibly strong, like wearing Kevlar, but lighter.
In Ne-Mars species the family name (surname) comes first, in this case “Ne”, and when the women wed they take this name.
(he’s my universes Aquaman)

Name: Na-Mi
Gender: Female
Alliance: Hero
Info: Na-Mi is Ne-Mar’s mate (/girlfriend). She one day attempts to go after Ne-Mar, and helps him in his world of Air by fighting crime with him.
(Females of the species are more human in appearance, they have human mouths which are not hidden under tentacles, they have fingers and toes also, as appose to tentacle hands.)

Name: Ne-Kar
AKA: The Basterd, The Half Breed, Claw
Gender: Male
Alliance: Tyrant
Info: Ne-Kar is Ne-Mar’s older bastard brother. Their father (the King) found their mother after she’d been unfortunately attacked by their species’s mortal enemy: the crab people (need a better name any suggestions). He instantly fell in love with their mother, even though the attack left her with child. Ne-Kar was adopted by the King and was treated lovingly. Ne-Kar showed great power and strength on the battle field and was both a strong fighter and leader. He banished his pure born brother, and made it look like Ne-Mar had died, so as to become heir to the throne. Due to his extreme strength inherited by the crab men he is able to wear heavy metal armour, which none of his species can do, they instead opt for the silver fish scales.