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Alexander of Limbo

Name: Derek Miller
AKA: Entity
Gender: Male
Alliance: Villain
Info: Derek’s story is described in ‘Comets‘ info, so check that out. His story really begins when ‘Entity’ starts to take control of him. Entity is another being present on the comet which strikes the lake that ‘Comet’ and Derek are in one dark night. Derek’s abilities didn’t show themselves as quickly as Comets, but when they did he started to physically change more; his skin went dark, he grew fangs, claws etc and became more animalistic. Unlike how the alien in Comet phased to become one, ‘Entity’ chose to play with his host, talking to him, playing games and convincing him to do his bidding. Eventually ‘Entity’ is almost completely in control, and very Little of Derek Miller is left. ‘Entity’ often refers to himself and Derek as ‘Derek Miller’ in a very sarcastic voice, and whenever he is talking to Derek he often ends his sentence with ‘Derek Miller’ too.
His abilities are a type of red electricity, extreme strength and speed, and animal like senses.