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Alexander of Limbo

Name: The Dreamer
AKA: Unknown
Gender: Male
Alliance: Villain (“monster”)
Info: They started off as tales you would only here about in small groups, at the pub, in the local shop, at church. Just hearsay, of whole villages disappearing in the night, a dark orange fog enveloping the town, and then devouring it. With the stories came rumors of the glowing red eyes in the mist. Once a town was taken into the mist its people would never be seen again.

The Dreamer follows a mist which some say he creates, and some say he is only a slave to. The fog has an effect on people, once they breath it they simply cant survive without it, and then they’re trapped. Inside this orange ethereal cage slowly the dreamer picks them off, one by one, at first. Then he moves rapidly, devouring all in quick strikes. He uses the glove to absorb a sort of nutrient that is produced in people when they breath the mist, it grants him substance and life, he is so dependent on it, it is like a drug to him. (His gas mask is not a filter to the mist- he is just as exposed to that as his victims. It instead removes the waste product of the nutrients.) People drained by the glove remain as only dust.


(I’ve uploaded two sort of background versions but i couldn’t be bothered to do detailed backgrounds. They’ll be in the links/uploads bit)