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Alexander of Limbo

Name: Apep
Gender: Male
Alliance: Enemy of Ra, Serpent from the Nile, Evil Lizard
Info: Apep was another prisoner on the ship that brought the Gods to earth. A viscous and clever snake said to be miles long. Seth was seen as a competitor to Apep, and Apep wanted to be the only ‘Evil’ God, so he bit Seth, poisoning him. Ra and Apep had been at war for years by this point, so Seth allied himself with Ra until such a time as his slow poison could be cured and Apep was killed. Seth sought out two Gods to purify him of the poison: Serket (Goddess of healing poisonous stings and bites) who refused to heal Seth due to his evil ways; and Meretseger (She who loves the Silence) a healer to those who repent. Meretseger was forced by Seth to heal him.

Ra and Seth battled Apep in the mountains known as Bakhu, where Ra had bio-locked him. During the ensuing battle many of the Gods accompanying Ra and Seth were eaten, crushed and killed; even Ra was swallowed at some times, but he always cut himself free. In the end the Goddess Bastet, a daughter of Ra, slew Apep.

However now Apep was in Duat and causing discordance. In order for Horus to unite the underworld he would first need to slay Apep, and to do that he sought out the one who killed Apep before: Bastet.