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Alexander of Limbo

@ Atomic Punk – i can live with the hand thing, logistically i just couldn’t bothered =P

Anyhow i’m back with a few more, i seem to have one month on and one month off doing this but oh well lets press on, plenty more Gods to do.

Name: Maat
Gender: Female
Alliance: Goddess of Truth and Justice
Info: Maat was the ships Biomechanic, which means that she was in charge of producing and maintaining the Bio-armour on the ship. She was also Thoth’s understudy helping him in cases when Ra needed judgement passed on another God. In this she helped as a judge, jury and scribe. Later she would spread her wings and pass judgement without the need of Thoth, with his blessing.
Maat used her Biomechanics and placed all of her knowledge of Judgement onto a “feather” which was in fact a memory drive. This was taken by one of her biomechanic research projects: Babi, and given to Anubis so that he could better judge the souls of the dead in Duat. What no one but Maat knew was that it also held a code which could activate her secret creation: Wings. New Biomechanic wings which would be a great advantage to Horus in his battle against Seth. To get the code he must use his contact, Wepwawet, and travel to the Underworld.