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Alexander of Limbo

Name: Wepwawet
Gender: Male
Alliance: God of Warfare and Hunting
Info: Wepwawet was one of the many “Gods” become a deity of war (in the beginning), as many fought for land and followers. However he later gave up on this, and took his few followers to a small and hidden oasis. Here he became a lithe and agile hunter, and a companion hunter to a few pharaohs. Wepwawet was one of the few “Gods” who could open the way to Duat and it is said that Anubis is fond of him, treating him like a family at times. Rumor has it Wepwawet is his brother or even son. It is an allegiance with Wepwawet that could win Horus the whole of Duat, and give him a greater advantage over Seth.