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Alexander of Limbo

Name: Seth
Gender: Male
Alliance: God of the desert, storm and violence
Info: Seth was purely homicidal before reaching earth. After that the God complex didn’t make things much better. Seth murdered his brother Osiris because he felt ashamed by the help his brother was providing the “lesser beings”. Years later Osiris’s son Horus, who was born on earth,went to war with Seth. Seth ripped out one of Horus’s eyes during this war. Eventually Horus managed to ‘Lock’ Seth in the desert, where it is presumed he died. Seth wore the same type of helmet as the other gods, but fashioned it in the shape of one of his home planets animals, instead of earths.

Seth did at one point have to help Ra kill the snake Apep, which was aboard the ship they were on. Although he only did this because Apep had poisoned him.