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Alexander of Limbo

Name: Osiris
Gender: Male
Alliance: God of the dead and God of vegetation and agriculture
Info: Osiris was brother to Seth, another prisoner on the ship. Osiris managed to pose as a gaurd on the ship by contracting the ‘Oasis Virus’ which turns the skin green. Osiris had planned on uploading the ‘Nut/+/Geb’ virus onto the ship in hopes of freeing his brother. His plans didn’t quite work as he uploaded the virus into the wrong stasis pod and Ra escaped. In an effort to redeem himself for the blood bath he caused on the ship Osiris decided to help the Earthlings by providing advanced agricultural methods. He was often advised by the ‘Nut/+/Geb’ virus.

Unfortunately Seth hated his brother, and eventually murdered him for “groveling among the pathetic humans”.