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Alexander of Limbo

Name: Hathor/Sekhmet
Gender: Female
Alliance: Goddess of love, music, dance and Goddess of the sun
Info: Hathor was a woman in grief. On the planet she came from her family was murdered and she sought revenge. She gave in to her anger and blood lust causing split personality. ‘Enter Sekhmet’. Sekhmet killed those responsible but was caught, which landed her on the transport ship that crashed on earth. Hathor decided to become a Goddess of love, music and dance to honor her family and daughters. However in the early days of being Gods Ra had use of Sekhmet and awoke her, unleashing her on mankind for not worshiping him, but soon he saw that if he let her continue there would be no-one left to worship him. He tricked Sekhmet into hibernation within Hathor and there she has patiently waited.