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Alexander of Limbo

Well the knew contest on the blog has us making GODS. And i felt that i could leap on the opportunity to make some villains for my character Eshe Mubarak aka The Magenta Mommy.

The Egyptian Gods depicted as hieroglyphs in ancient Egyptian tombs and pyramids were real. They weren’t, however, Gods. They were law breakers from an extraterrestrial species who were to be transported to a prison facility. Whilst being transported the being Ra‘s stasis was interrupted and he caused a viscous and rapid takeover of the ship transporting the convicts. However the ship was heavily damaged and was forced to crash on a primitive planet. Seeing no way of leaving this planet, and using their superior intelligence and technology the convicts decided to rule, and became Gods. Some took to the role as shepherds and others as tyrants. To stay near immortal one of the ships surviving medics, Anubis, devised a way to induce a death like state for humans; once they were mummified they would ‘feed’ on their life force for decades before using new hosts. Eventually their supply of mummies runs out and they awaken in modern times, desperate for life and power, some causing destruction and others cult or religious followings.

Name: Ra
Gender: Male
Alliance: God of Sun
Info: Ra was awoken from stasis after a malfunction with his stasis tube. He utilized one of the guards stun weapons and modified it to fire intense burst of heat. This later gained him his name as God of Sun. The weapon is his famous ‘hook’. After releasing the other convicts they removed most of the guards on the ship, heavily damaging it in the process. When the survivors reached earth Ra declared himself ‘King of the Gods’ and was rarely challenged for the title. At first he took a very dominant stance to collecting worshipers but soon grew to protect his worshipers.

What are known as ‘Sun Disks’ are in fact tags to show that the individual is a convict, it holds all the individuals data.
The survivors also used an armour that morphs and replicates surrounding fauna to create their famous animal heads.