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Alexander of Limbo

Just made this for the Character Contest: Knight Cowboy

Name: (real name unknown)
AKA: Knight Cowboy, Cowboy Knight, The Armoured Partner’
Gender: Male
Alliance: Hero
Info: The Knight Cowboy is a thought to be a myth. Stories told of a cowboy who’d roam the wild west in medieval armour, vanquishing foes and rescuing damsels in distress, or ‘Fair Maidens’ as he’d put it. Stories also tell that he thought he was in medieval times. He did in fact exist, and presently roams the less wild west doing pretty much the same things he did back then; although now he is somewhere between knowing about the time he is currently in and still thinking it’s medieval or wild west times. No one knows how he got here, why he’s still alive or why he thinks he is a knight… not even him. Some theories involve time travel, a copy cat, or reincarnation. Some even suggest he’s like this because he just hit his head.