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Alexander of Limbo

Yay done another remake:
‘The Elite’ (previously called ‘The Empire Aliens’- a name which i don’t like) are the superior race in the galaxy presently. They rule swiftly and justly (however some would disagree) and they have reached the top of the pan-galactic pyramid by breeding in societies designed for specific tasks, e.g their Doctors breed together and their offspring learn and train in nothing but that field. They are most famous for their warriors however, who are becoming an increasing presence and some would say an oppressive force. In Rau’s future their is one Elite warrior to rival all warriors in the history books. Krell The Tainted.

Name: Krell
AKA: Krell The Tainted
Gender: Male
Alliance: Villain
Info: For what ever reason, Rau’s history books (our present) tell that Krell rebelled against his species’ Emperor (whom he used to guard) and killed him. He then waged war on practically every other species, deeming them ‘inferior’. He also abolished the training of all other aspects of society, trying to breed the ultimate warrior race. He still left medics and military scientists, strategists, engineers etc but farmers and traders and other such ‘inferiors’ were removed. Eventually Krell is defeated, however in the years that Krell reigns the once great species loses much of its power… which means the only force once possible of stopping the humans in the future are no longer a threat.

(Krell in his Guard Uniform)